Agro-tourism is a term used to describe tourism programme involving the fields of agriculture and village settlement based on its attractions. The district of Kuala Langat has a number of fascinating Agro-tourism attractions for tourists to visit.

In addition, there is an oil palm plantations known as the Oil Palm Research Station (or OPRS and now known as Golden Hope Research Centre) in Kelanang and Carey Island. The Golden Hope Research Centre in Kelanang is a famous Research Centre worldwide where oil palm seeds known as Golden Hope DxP currently under development. The seeds will produce a higher yield.


In addition, this Research Centre also possesses a biotechnology laboratory where oil palm materials from cultured tissue are developed. Research on soil, pests, farming mechanisation, herbal plants and palm oil products are also conducted. In addition to research, this station also performs consultation work for domestic and overseas farm companies.

Other than the oil palm research centre, there is an Herbal Arboretum which has become popular at the Golden Hope Research Centre, Carey Island and Kelanang which began operations in 1998. This research centre also supplies herbal plant seeds for interested institutions. There are 350 species spread over 350 acres in Kelanang and 3 hectares in Carey Island.

Among the most popular species at the Herbal Arboretum is the ‘Tongkat Ali’, ‘Tea Tree’ and Indian Mulberry plants. This centre produces various products such as Indian Mulberry juice, ‘tongkat ali’ capsule and cosmetics products from herbal plants. However, these products are still in the process of research and not in the market yet.

The research station receives a steady stream of domestic and overseas visitors.

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