» Management Services Department » Solid Waste Management and Environmental Health Department
» Treasury Department » Saujana Putra City Branch
» Valuation and Property Management Department » Information Technology Division
» Licensing Department » Legislative Unit
» Development Planning Department » Internal Audit Unit
» Engineering Department » Local Center Unit
» Building Control Department » Corporate and Public Relations Unit
» Landscape Department » Material Procurement and Surveying Unit
» Department of Community Development » Commissioner of Building
» Enforcement Departmen



Functions :

Complaints and Public Relations Division

  • Manage and coordinate complaints received by MDKL.
  • Manage and coordinate visits from within and outside the country to the Council.
  • Good relationships with outsiders such as the media, residents, government / private agencies and NGOs that can raise the image of the Council.
  • Provide the latest and best counter services

Publications Division

  • Management documises Council activities through photographic documentation, videography and printouts.
  • Managing publishing materials such as annual reports, Bulletin, brochures, flyers, posters and others to transmit information / information on Council activities.

Innovation and Quality Division

  • "Business Process Reenginering" (BPR), Client Charter, Star Rating System (SPB-PBT), Excellent Office and Administrative Management Award (APPC) and others to improve MDKL quality delivery system. Managing and coordinating and applying quality system programs such as MS ISO 9001: 2008, Quality Environment Practices (QEs), Innovative and Creative Groups (KIKs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), benchmarking,
  • Take care of innovation efforts and apply them in MDKL.
  • Enhance quality awareness among Council staff.

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