» Internal Audit Unit » Legislative Unit
» Corporate and Public Relations Unit » Commissioner of Building
» Local Center Unit » Procurement and Quantity Surveying Unit
» Management Services Department » Treasury Department
» Valuation and Property Management Department » Licensing Department
» Development Planning Department » Engineering Department
» Building Control Department » Landscape Department
» Department of Community Development » Enforcement Department
» Solid Waste Management and Environmental Health Department » Saujana Putra City Branch



Objective :

  • To create and mold youths to have quality, discipline and dynamism by holding leadership, social, economic and entrepreneurial programs, sports, culture and education.
  • Plan and organize programs to create a vibrant, healthy and eager community to instill and reinforce the spirit of integrated attitudes.
  • To make sport and cultural activities a social and social development tool for social relations through the participation of all levels of society and nation.


  • Youth Division
    • Plan and implement youth programs within the MDKL area.
    • Monitor the activities carried out by the Youth Associations registered in MDKL.
  • The Division of Health
    • Manage and monitor MPPs registered in MDKL.
    • To study, implement and plan community programs within the MDKL area.
    • Design and implement the Local Agenda Program (LA21).
  • Sports and Culture Division
    • Organize cultural and artistic programs for MDKL.

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