Name: Dewan Seri Jugra
Address: Stadium Jugra, Jalan Stadium Telok Datok,
             42700 Banting

Charge Air-conditioner No air-conditioner
Badminton, Ping Pong, Carrom, Taekwando RM 40 per hour RM 10 per hour
Meeting & assembly RM 60 per hour RM 30 per hour
Party , show & wedding & Sosial gathering RM 60 per hour RM 30 per hour
Interview & exhibition RM 60 per hour RM 30 per hour
* Deposit for all event are RM200, and RM500 is for wedding event only.


Rules and regulation:

  1. The application must be in written form or fill up the renting form.
  2. Booking must be made 2 weeks earlier.
  3. Renting cost and deposit must be paid before the last date of usage.
  4. If the payment is not done, booking will be cancelled.
  5. Cancelation of booking must be made one week ealier.
  6. Safety and damages of stadium's facilities is under the responsible of the tenant.
  7. The cleanliness of inside and outside the stdaium area is under the tenat reponsibilty.
  8. Non halal food, liquor and pet is not allowed. Business in or outside the stadium compound is not allowed.
  9. For any specific reason, if MDKL needs to use the stadium, any previous booking will be cancel and the deposit money will be return fully.
  10. Tenant should use all electrical appliances provided carefully.