The Langat District has been declared the Second Klang Valley (WLK II) together with Sepang District. The development of WLK II is expected to contribute to consolidate the achievement of  "Selangor a Developed State "  Vision while  upgrading the Kuala Lumpur – Klang Valley  Metropolitan Territory's position as a metropolitan city in the world's cities network.
Development of WLK II has 3 main missions i.e.:

i. Generate growth to surrounding territories in a  global-local  (glocal) economical-integration context ;
ii. A ‘Gateway' to  international  business and visitors.
iii. A chosen location for  regional offices of  international ICT-based firms and  corporations.




Six Main Initiatives of WLK II

  • Incentives and support for the growth of global  and local businesses
  • Efficient transport Infrastructures
  • Quality and highly skilled human resources development
  • Quality living atmosphere
  • Good governance
  • Equity and community restructuring